Programming the web in San Francisco

Bay Area Video Coalition: JavaScript Bootcamp

Mindy Aronoff leads the team that provides all training and technology education to digital media professionals, educators, artists and mediamakers, and independent producers. The scope of this department includes over 600 classes annually. Previously the Director of Business Development, she forged partnerships with corporations and government for BAVC, strategized marketing and public relations efforts, and planned for product development. Mindy came to BAVC in 1999 as Industry Outreach Coordinator. She holds a B.A. in Design from UCLA and has over 17 years in commercial arts management.

In April and May 2014, I enrolled in the JavaScript Bootcamp at BAVC ("bay-vac"). The classes consisted of a thorough review of HTML5 elements, CSS3 formatting, Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap.js, JavaScript and AJAX programming with jQuery, Debugging with Chrome Tools, App Development with PhoneGap, Code Source Control with GIT, and templating with Handlebars.js.